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What is Video Distribution?

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Some businesses new to video marketing often wonder what video distribution is, and how it can benefit them.

Video distribution is the process of distributing online videos to various video and social media portals. They are websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, Vimeo, LinkedIn, etc.

There are numerous video and social media sites on the internet. With traffic on YouTube, Facebook, and Myspace in the billions worldwide. There is a need for businesses to interact with consumers on these video channels. It’s one thing to have a video, but if it’s not properly optimized or distributed, then nobody is going to see or find out about it. Your potential customers could be seeing your competitor’s videos if your product or service doesn’t show in a search result. This is why it’s important to utilize a video distribution strategy for your business.

Zero One Entertainment offers affordable video distribution services. These services are tailored for businesses who already have videos. If you don’t have a video, see our video marketing services which includes the creation of an online video.

How YouTube Marketing Can Help Your Business

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Did you know more than 70% of online consumers watch online video every month? And that over 2 billion videos are accessed on YouTube from around the world? YouTube is transforming how businesses engage with their customers.

It’s now possible to promote your specific video on YouTube to people searching for your specific product or service. Imagine having a cupcake recipe video, and your video showing up #1 for everyone searching for cupcake recipe. You can do this, plus you can target customers based on demographics and more. This highly targeted YouTube marketing campaign is called a YouTube promoted videos campaign.

Watch this video to see how a YouTube promoted video campaign can help you:

Zero One Entertainment offers affordable YouTube marketing to any small business wishing to promote their videos on YouTube. This service is a perfect complement to our video marketing services. Contact us to see how we can improve your results in YouTube.