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Client Results: Philly Life Coach Paula Michele

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During the summer we had the pleasure of working with a new client which we never worked with before – a life coach. We were excited about the possibilities of working with her. Paula is a local life coach in the Philadelphia area. Her website is She came to us to help market her business on the internet.

Zero One Entertainment assisted her with the following services:
Video Marketing
Video Distribution
Video SEO

Right away we began brainstorming with the client the best way to get people interested in her services. We produced a short video presentation outlining her services. After we created the video we distributed the video to over 15 online video portals and channels, including YouTube. We also optimized the video so search engines and her potential customers can find her life coaching video.

In a short amount of time, her video has gotten great results.
Google first page ranking: philly life coach services(see screenshot)
In the search results on YouTube, her video listing is #1 for the following keywords:
life coaching services (see screenshot)
philly life coach (see screenshot)

Her YouTube video has received over 10,000 views, which has helped your video get a great listing in YouTube’s search engine.

These high rankings has helped her website get a boost in SEO traffic which has helped Paula win some new clients.

To see how your business can benefit from a search engine optimized video, learn about our video marketing services. Already have a video? No problem, our video distribution services can help your business.

Client Results: Internet Jewelry Company Guys Diamonds

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During the past year, we worked with an online jewelry company, It is headed by 30 year diamond expert and veteran Guy Richman. Guy came to Zero One Entertainment to help promote his already produced videos.

Zero One Entertainment helped with the following services:
Video Distribution Services and Video SEO Services

After we received his videos, we got straight to work on developing his video distribution and SEO strategy. Since he sells only loose diamonds. That was the focus on our keywords and SEO strategy.

In a short amount of time, we gotten his videos high rankings in Google and in YouTube for the following keywords:
loose diamond deals (see screenshot)
loose diamond discounts (see screenshot)
best loose diamond discounts (see screenshot)
best loose diamond advice (see screenshot)

With our help, we helped beef up his organic SEO results with targeted video distribution and video SEO, as well as deliver targeted traffic through YouTube.

If your business is looking for a search engine SEO optimized video, check out our video marketing services. Already have a video but need a quick jumpstart with your online marketing strategy? See how our video distribution services can benefit you.

Client Results: Birkat Elyon Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Posted by:  /  Tags: , , , , , is a cubic zirconia jewelry store. One of their challenges was marketing their product videos online. They have various cubic zirconia specific videos. After consulting with them on their business, we moved forward with developing an action plan on promoting their various product videos.

Services we helped with them:
Video Distribution Services and Video SEO Services

After promoting the videos for a few months now, here are some of the rankings that we have achieved for Birkat Elyon in YouTube and Google:
cubic zirconia jewelry (see screenshot)
CZ jewelry (see screenshot)
birkat elyon (see screenshot)
cubic zirconia wedding ring (see screenshot)
gold cubic zirconia ring (see screenshot)
3.5 carat cubic zirconia ring (see screenshot)
..(and many more keywords to list)

These rankings helped to improve her organic SEO traffic to her website your business is looking to promote product specific jewelry or any type of video, Zero One Entertainment can help you with our affordable video marketing services. If you already have a video, see how our video distribution services can help you.

Client Results: Super Host Reviews

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One of our clients asked us how we can promote their video so they can get better targeted traffic for some of their targeted keywords. is a website that focuses on providing visitors coupons and user submitted reviews for various web hosting companies.

We worked with them on a video marketing strategy. We produced them a video, distributed it, and optimized it so search engines can find it.

We have gotten great results so far. Some of the keywords in YouTube and in Google that we have achieved good rankings for are:
1and1 discount (see screenshot)
1and1 reviews (see screenshot)
1&1 coupons (see screenshot)
1&1 coupons reviews (see screenshot)
1&1 reviews (see screenshot)

These results helped visitors in YouTube and Google find out what kind of web hosting coupons they offer and it helped build additional traffic to their site.

If your business wants a video marketing strategy that gets results, look into our video marketing services. If you already have a video, check out of video distribution services. We have a solution that fits all size budgets. Work with Zero One Entertainment and see how we can improve your business.

What is Video Marketing?

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Some of our clients ask us, what exactly is video marketing?

Video marketing is the process of marketing and promoting a video on the internet. Think of it like an internet marketing campaign. It’s a tactic used to promote your business, product, or service with.

There are many reasons why businesses should see how video marketing should fit within their overall online marketing budget. Video marketing is an affordable way to showcase to your target audience information about your business.

Video marketing has an immediate benefit to your product or service. People trust businesses that have online videos. With over 2 billion views on YouTube, and given the fact that over 70& of online consumers watch online videos every month, video marketing is getting more popular and more businesses are investing in a video marketing strategy.

Zero One Entertainment can help your business with an online marketing strategy using your online videos. If you don’t have a video, see how our video marketing services can help you. Or if you already have videos, our video distribution services may benefit you.

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