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Client Results: Internet Jewelry Company Guys Diamonds

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During the past year, we worked with an online jewelry company, It is headed by 30 year diamond expert and veteran Guy Richman. Guy came to Zero One Entertainment to help promote his already produced videos.

Zero One Entertainment helped with the following services:
Video Distribution Services and Video SEO Services

After we received his videos, we got straight to work on developing his video distribution and SEO strategy. Since he sells only loose diamonds. That was the focus on our keywords and SEO strategy.

In a short amount of time, we gotten his videos high rankings in Google and in YouTube for the following keywords:
loose diamond deals (see screenshot)
loose diamond discounts (see screenshot)
best loose diamond discounts (see screenshot)
best loose diamond advice (see screenshot)

With our help, we helped beef up his organic SEO results with targeted video distribution and video SEO, as well as deliver targeted traffic through YouTube.

If your business is looking for a search engine SEO optimized video, check out our video marketing services. Already have a video but need a quick jumpstart with your online marketing strategy? See how our video distribution services can benefit you.

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