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"A video result is 53 times more likely to produce a first page ranking on Google than using traditional SEO techniques" -Forrester Research

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Features Included In All Plans

Free Consultation

a produced video

A Produced Video

video distribution services

Video Distribution


A free phone consultation with one of our video marketing experts to discuss your business and objectives


A professionally produced motion graphic video with text, images, your logo, music, and your websites address, and phone number customized to your business
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Video distribution of up to 15 online video and social media portals to help promote your video

video seo services

Video SEO

youtube marketing services

Free YouTube Views

youtube marketing services

YouTube Channel


We do keyword research, identify what your customers are searching for, and properly tag your video to help it reach your desired target market. Proper SEO on your video will help people find it in the major search engines and on YouTube


As part of your online video, we also include an integrated YouTube marketing campaign which helps boost the rankings for your video in the major search engines


We customize a YouTube channel for your video, using your companies branding, such as your logo, and company URL

Profile Site Creation

video distribution services

Ping Video URLs

Google Video Sitemap


We create, and customize video channels on every video site we upload your video to, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Myspace, and more. We use your company logo, URL, and a description of your company


We ping each video URL so that search engines are alerted about the updated content


We implement a Google video sitemap on your website which helps search engines find your video

Video Reporting


Video Bookmarking

video marketing services

Embed Video


As part of the campaign, we deliver reports once a month for 3 months such as what sites the videos were distributed too, what keywords the video is being ranked on, and how many people are viewing the video


We submit your video to social bookmarking website’s such as Digg, and many others which helps boost the video SEO


We embed the video into your own website for no extra charge

Expert Client Support


We are available by phone or email to answer any questions you have about your campaign