"A video result is 53 times more likely to produce a first page ranking on Google than using traditional SEO techniques" -Forrester Research

Video Marketing Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

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Sloan Tech Marketing Agency

  • Client: Sloan Tech Marketing Agency
  • Services: Video Distribution Services
  • Website: www.sloantech.com
  • Testimonial: “Zero One Entertainment has helped to provide video SEO and video distribution service for several of my clients. I have been pleased with the results and am happy to recommend Zero One Entertainment” -Joshua Sloan Pennsylvania Internet Marketing Consultant


Birkat Elyon

  • Client: Birkat Elyon Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
  • Services: Video Marketing Services
  • Website: www.birkatelyon.com
  • Testimonial: “Zero One Entertainment helped me market my cubic zirconia product videos. The results have been great. Kudos to them for doing an outstanding job. I will use their services again” -Rebecca Daniel Cubic Zirconia Jewelry


Guys Diamonds


Life Coach Paula Michele

  • Client: Life Coach Paula Michele
  • Services: Video Marketing Services
  • Website: www.lifecoachphilly.com
  • Testimonial: “Thanks for developing a video marketing strategy for my local business. The results have been impressive”
    -Paula Michele Philly Life Coach
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