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"A video result is 53 times more likely to produce a first page ranking on Google than using traditional SEO techniques" -Forrester Research

Learn How Our Video Marketing Services Work

Free Consultation


If you don’t know yet which service to choose from, please check out our compare services page, or contact us to request a free consultation. After you place your order, we will contact you to setup a free 30 minute phone consultation with one of our video marketing experts to discuss your business and objectives. This is how we will formulate your video marketing strategy

Video Marketing Services

A Produced Video


If you ordered one of our video marketing packages, this package contains a produced video (1 minute long) that contains text about your business, images, photos, your logo, music, and your websites address (call to action) and/or phone number. After we complete the video we send it to you for approval and you are allowed to make 1 free edit. Please allow us up to 5 days to produce the video

Video SEO & Optimization


Our video marketing, video distribution, & video SEO packages all contain our video SEO and optimization service. After we produce a video, or if you provide us with one if your using our video distribution or SEO services we then start analyzing your market and start keyword research to analyze the right keywords, tags, and other meta information to use on your video so it can be found in the search engines and on the video portal sites such as YouTube. It’s important we identity keywords your customer use to find out about your business. We compile the information in an excel file and send it to you for approval. This includes unique titles/tags/descriptions for the video, plus unique channel tags/descriptions that will be used on each video channel site

Video Distribution


Once we have the approved SEO back from the client, we then start analyzing the appropriate video portal sites to distribute your online video to. These sites include YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Vimeo, and many others. Please allow us up to 2 weeks to distribute your video as we do it slowly so it looks natural to the search engines. We create all of the video profiles on all of the sites we distribute your video on using your business URL, logo, and description. We also create a custom YouTube background using your companies branding. We also send you an excel file containing all of the account logins should you want to make any changes to your video after we complete the distribution process

FREE YouTube Views


As part of your online video, we also include an integrated YouTube marketing campaign which helps boost the rankings for your video in the major search engines. This service is free if you selected our video marketing, video distribution, and video SEO services. The amount of YouTube views is guaranteed. Please allow up to 3 months for all traffic to be delivered (most will be delivered sooner). The traffic is genuine real people from the USA

Video Reporting


As part of the campaign, each month for the first 3 months we will send you a report outlining the YouTube video campaign, plus a report of where all the videos are distributed too. Plus we will deliver a report showing what keywords in the search engines your video is being ranked for. The reports are emailed to you in excel format. At the end of the first month we do a consultation with you to see if you are getting any results, and we will make further changes to the SEO if needed

Added FREE Bonuses


Depending on which package you choose, your service may include free optional services such as help with embedding the video onto your website. We need your FTP login and/or CMS login so we can implement this for you. We also create a Google video sitemap which lets Google know about your video content. Certain technical limitations may apply. We also create a YouTube channel for you and we use your business logo, URL, and description that you may provide us. Plus we ping each video URL so that the search engines are alerted about the new content so you can be sure the search engines index it. Plus we also submit each video URL to social and video bookmarking sites which helps increase the SEO

Expected Results


Most clients start to see results within the first few months. In addition to the increase in traffic to your video, you will also see your video being ranked for on keywords that relate to your business. Most clients also see an increase in traffic to their websites as well as some see a bump in sales. Not all results are typical, please check out our blog to read more about client results

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Learn How Our YouTube Marketing Services Work

Free Consultation


Before we start your YouTube marketing campaign we first schedule a free consultation to discuss your business and objectives. This is how we formulate your YouTube marketing campaign strategy. A YouTube promoted video campaign is similar to a Google Adwords campaign where we bid on traffic that people are searching for in YouTube

YouTube Marketing Services

Campaign Setup


Before we start promoting your video we need to setup the campaign. In order for us to do this the client needs to signup with Google Adwords so we can start the campaign. Our fees for YouTube marketing are in addition to the fees charged by Google. You only get charged when a YouTube visitor clicks on the video link. Once the account creation is complete we analyze your video, your competitors, what kind of bids/bugeting your video should adhere to, and start doing keyword research to compile a well targeted campaign that will give you results. We send you an an outline of the keywords/categories/budget that your video will be bidding on so you can see the kind of the traffic you would get

Campaign Optimization


Each week, for the first 4 weeks we go in and make any necessary campaign optimizations to the video. This may include changing or adding keywords. Updating bids or changing the budget. We may adjust the targeting as well. The benefits to a YouTube promoted video campaign is that you can target specific audiences searching for your business. We make sure we will setup the campaign in a way that cost effectively targets the right audience for your video. We include up to 3 hours of campaign optimization for the first month



Every week for the first 4 weeks we send you an excel report detailing your YouTube marketing campaign results

Expected Results


You will notice an increase in the amount of targeted traffic to your YouTube video. Some clients also see an increase in the amount of traffic to their website. Not all results are typical

  YouTube Marketing Services Plans and Pricing Video Marketing Services Examples